Back to... Norwich?

I visited Norwich today - here in the UK. I'm guessing that there's some sort of connection between Norwich Vermont and Norwich East Anglia. Norwich here is much more interesting, with a castle. They've got it decked out with a really crappy museum that's designed to interest someone about the age of five. I walked around it in about half an hour and was most amused by the castle well, which was deep. But that's about it. Big waste, which is a shame. We walked around the town, which was interesting. Cool town. My roommate missed the train, which I was thrilled at, because he seriously needs to be ego checked and brought down a couple notches. I swear, the guy's an idiot. Too institutionalised at Norwich (the university), too uncreative, unintelligent and really not that great with kids. Which is odd, because he's intending on teaching after college. Let's see how long that lasts.
It seems like a lot of deadlines are coming up. Two papers due earlier this week, an exam tomorrow, trips and my flight home. It's scary how fast everything's coming.

On another note, has anyone seen a show called Grey's Anatomy? How is it?

And finally, iTunes has added Dave Matthew's Band to their music library. I wonder what toook them so long.