Today felt like the first day of summer. After the past couple weeks of constant rain and cloudy days, it was a huge relief. I didn't work today, which gave me a bit of rest, which was nice. I caught up on some reading and did a bit more packing for my move into my apartment, which is still being cleaned.
I did a bit of driving between my house, the apartment and my car dealership, and noticed one thing that I really missed while in London - the trees. It was winter in London, no leaves anywhere anyway, but the only trees there were in the parks and along various streets. I live in the middle of a forest. Makes me pine even more for camp (no pun intended). I spend too much time inside - either guarding at the pool or just being inside the house reading or watching something on my computer or television. I need to get out and do some hiking.
I'm making the final move into my apartment tomorrow. Tonight, I'll be finishing up boxing up the books and other things that I won't be bringing with me, and when I get back from work, my bookshelves, desk, bed, couch, table and chairs will all be moved. It'll be weird finally living on my own, but I'm excited for it. My apartment is nice - save for the fact that the previous roommates left the place absolutely trashed - carpets need to be replaced, dishes were still in the sink, and who knows what else. Not really livable yet, but hopefully within the week.
Picked up the latest Star Wars book, Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, the first in a nine book series. Finally, Random House has gotten a larger series format done right: 9 books, three authors, all rotating. Aaron Allston's penned this one, and thus far, it's good, I'm really enjoying it, although I haven't had much time to read it. Karen Traviss and Troy Denning are doing the other six books. For the past couple weeks, I've been feeling that I need to re-read all the old Bantam Star Wars books. The ones that I really enjoy reading, that I started with in the first place, before the New Jedi Order came out and soured (in part) my feelings on the Literature side of Star Wars. Along with that, I've also been meaning to re-read Archer Mayor's books, the classic Joe Gunther novels, which much better than his more recent releases. I look forwards to all of his books, but Tucker Peak was really the last one that really fell with his older ones.
Now back to lifting heavy boxes.