I’ve spoken at a number of places over the years, from conferences to conventions to museums. Here’s where I’ll be coming up.

May 24th — 26th, 2019: Escape Velocity, Washington DC

I’ll be moderating a panel called Invasions: Other Worlds of Military Science Fiction on Sunday, May 26th at 9AM. Here’s the panel description:

This panel will explore the ongoing changes to military science fiction as a consequence of the last decade and a half of warfare around the world. Panelists will discuss both the classic tropes of MilSF (e.g. power armor, invading other worlds, etc.), and in conversation with this year’s theme, the ways in which MilSF is examining the "other worlds" of veterans communities, how they deal with unconventional warfare (e.g. insurgencies, civilians in the path of war, etc), and how the resultant psychological traumas impact soldiers and civilians alike.

Other cons that I’m hoping to attend this year:

  • July 11th — 14th, ReaderCon, Quincy, MA.

  • July 18th — 21st, San Diego Comic-Con

  • August 16th — 18th, Fan Expo Boston, Boston, MA

  • August 29th — September 2nd, Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA

  • October 3rd — 6th, New York Comic Con, New York, NY