Indianapolis Bound

I just booked my flight and return flight to Indianapolis. So it's official, I'm going to celebration 3! I'm pretty excited, and I can't wait to go. I know that my mom reads this from time to time, and I'd just like to say that she's great, and a huge thanks goes to her for helping me plan this. So I next need to figure out how to get my
armor over there, after I fix it up a little bit.
And now, for homework.
Wash: Work, work, work...~Firefly

And speaking of Firefly, I found this interesting bit of news from MSNBC regarding the comic series:

Serenity By Joss Whedon
The "Buffy" creator got his fangs in this new series. Out in July. A prequel to the upcoming movie based on the canceled TV show "Firefly"—set 500 years from now. Are you lost yet?

Nice to see that Joss is writing them, and that we now have a rough release date. I can't wait to start picking these up.