Celebration 3: Day 4

The last day was pretty sad. I had to leave, and I wasn't looking forwards to it. Over the past couple of days, I had met many interesting people, and I'd call some of them my friends. I met people who were professionals, who were there to work, and I met people who were just there to have some fun. Overall, I think that everyone had a lot of fun over the days. I got up at 7, fixed up my armor and went out to find the 501st, who were doing a picture. I found out that I just missed them, for they were doing a parade around the convention Center, and I sprinted around the building a couple of times before I found them. I also had to go back to my hotel room to get my volunteer pass, which I forgot. Thinking that I missed the picture, I walked to the room, hoping to find some people. To my surprise, they hadn't taken it yet, and I was able to get in. (It's up online at www.501st.com- bonus points if you can pick me out of the group.) After that, I got some pictures with people from the New England Garrison, and got out of armor, which I put away and sealed up. I then set about saying goodbyes to the various authors, artists and professionals that I had met, as well as friends that I found along the way. I got a quick lunch, tried in vain to find Linh and Sarah, turned in my badge and hours, said yet some more goodbyes, and left. I left a note at Sarah/Linh's room, which they didn't follow up on. :p I got a taxi back to the airport, and waited for my flight. I talked with a couple of people from the convention, including the graphic novel's writer, who was on the same flight, and waited while learning that the flight was delayed pending a couple of people dropping out of the flight to make room. I ran into Randy Stradley and Jeremy Barlow, who nearly killed me when I told them that I was Darth Nuke, a particularly annoying forum member at Dark Horse. (I'm really not) Boarded the flight to New York, waited around there for a little while, got dinner, waited for yet another person to drop out of the flight, then boarded that one. I changed seats with a woman wanting to sit with her family, and sat next to a girl, Lindsay, who happened to be a UVM student. We talked for most of the flight home, working on a crossword puzzle, which made the flight go by very quickly. I gave her my AIM SN, although I have yet to hear back from her. Waiting at the airport was my brother, and we drove home. It was over. And that's that. I'd do it again in a heart beat. It passed as fast.

Next up: Pictures!

Here's one: