Three Down, One More To Go...

I just finished my Structural Geology exam, and I was extremely surprised how easy it was. I'm not sure if it was the professor going easy on us, or if I just knew the material, I think that I'm going to be fairly pleased with the results. Hopefully, it will help with my grade, which isn't going to be really great. One more exam to look for, Stratigraphy, plus the monster project, which I need to finish up. Finished History last night, and Political Science earlier that day, so I'm almost done. Finally.

I just went out to drop off my paycheck for last month, and found that the Dave Matthew's Band just released their next CD, which caught me by surprise. I picked it up, and it's got a really different sound from what they've used in prior years, which surprised me somewhat.
So Stand Up. I've listened to it a couple of times, and I've gotten a couple of thoughts on it so far. Overall, good CD. Not great, but pretty good. It's definently a much different sound from what they usually sound like, even from their last CD as a group, Busted Stuff. Stand Up seems a lot more laid back, calmer, whereas a lot of their other albums have a lot of energy bundled up inside. There are some really good tracks on this one that has more energy than others, such as Stand Up (For It), American Baby, Everybody Wake Up and Louisiana Bayou. They're all really good tracks, as are all the other ones here, but some parts are just so different than their other prior works. I imagine American Baby was selected for the radio because it's probably the one that's the most similar to their normal stuff, and it's gotten mixed reviews.Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy their sound for this album. It's innovative, interesting and have roots in several different types of music. It's just slighty unexpected. It's got some Southern Babtist, Folk, Rock and a little R&B thrown together and the results are impressive. Musically, it's amazing. I'm sure that this is going to grow on me a bit more.

Anyone else having problems loading it into iTunes?

Anyone use the FaceBook? My school just opened up to it and I got a profile for it:
Facebook me! It just exploded here. Literally. I've also been able to find some people that I haven't talked to in ages.

More later, if I have time...

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