Summer Vacation- In two days.

I'm finally done with the semester! I took my Stratigraphy exam this morning, finished it in an hour (It was only 11 questions) went home, finished my basin project that I've been laboring over for the past week or so got everything done there, returned some overdue books and yeah, I'm done for the year.

It didn't really hit me until I was walking away from the library that the year was over. Completely over. I cannot believe how fast it went by, because it seems like I had just started first semester just days ago. And yet, it seems like I've been at this forever, and it's now done. Now to start two jobs. I'll be starting at KAS Inc, an environmental company that my Dad works at, for four weeks until Camp starts- and when I go off to Admin training for a week, then Staff training for another week. I'll be working there for ten weeks total. So, over the next fourteen or so weeks, I'm going to have a greatly decreased online presence, probably. I know for the last ten weeks or so.

And now, computer problems to deal with. Whenever I try to engage my virus checker, it shuts down, saying that I have made an illegal error or some shit like that. Same thing with my e-mail and a couple of websites. Gr... As I'm writing this, I'm defraging my harddrive, then for a restart and disk cleanup. Hopefully that will solve things, or things will get ugly.

First, time to catch up on all the sleep that I've missed the past couple days...