New York

Just got back from New York, which proved to be a very enjoyable trip. We flew down on Saturday, which was much better than driving. An eight hour trip was now 45 or so minutes, which was outstanding. The flight was good, and we had no problems getting to our hotel room. I think that we were in the same room that we were in last time we went down, for the same occasion. After checking in, we wandered around for a couple hours, taking in some of the sights. We later met up with Dan, who had spent the week down there already. I went back with him to his hotel, catching up, and we took a cab to get dinner with everyone at a great Italian resturaunt. From there, we went to the performance, which was outstanding. Three bands played, with some pieces that I recognized, some that were new, and all were outstanding. This morning, my bother and sister went with me to Central Park, where we walked around for a little while before heading back to a fair/market that was going on 7th Ave. I bought a small Chinese plate set that's pretty cool looking. Tried to find a bootlegged copy of Revenge of the Sith or Hitchhiker's Guide, but no luck. Got back on the plane and headed home. Good trip.

I got to do a fair amount of reading on the flight, something that I haven't had much time to do recently. I finished Karen Traviss's Crossing the Line, the second book in her series. (Which was just upped to six books total) Outstanding novel. I think that Traviss is my favorite author. I can't wait for her next one to come out, The World Beyond, which is out later this year. Also just started Cagebird, the third in Karin Lowachee's trilogy, which is proving to be a good read as well. If you haven't read either of these two authors, I'd highly recommend them.

Just saw my Spring 2005 semester transcript- Nothing below a C. That's a huge relief for me, and a full two letter grades higher for two classes than I predicted. wOOt!