The Triangle

Some news on the latest from the SciFi channel, one of their new miniseries:

The Triangle Shoots In Africa
SCI FI Channel is starting production on its upcoming six-hour original miniseries
The Triangle this week in Cape Town, South Africa. Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Bryan Singer (X-Men) are executive-producing the three-night miniseries in their first-ever collaboration. Rockne O'Bannon (Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars) wrote the script, based on an original story by Devlin and Singer.
The Triangle centers on a team hand-picked by billionaire Rice Benirall (Jurassic Park's Sam Neill) to investigate the loss of cargo ships in the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The team includes journalist Howard Thomas (Eric
Stoltz), ocean resource engineer Emily Patterson (Catherine Bell),
scientist/adventurer Bruce Gellar (Michael Rodgers) and psychic Stan Latham (Bruce Davison). When a jetliner disappears over the Bermuda Triangle, bizarre,
unexplainable occurrences begin to affect each member of Benirall's team. The Triangle premieres on SCI FI in December.

Looks and sounds very good. This is the first bit of real news that I've found thus far, with the exception of the promo for it a while ago. Can't wait to see how this is, it's got some good minds behind it.

I was also thinking earlier about a story that would be really intersting to see at the end of the Clone Wars: The reactions that the Clones, such as Commander Bly, who carried out the infamous Order 66. I'd love to see a comic about Bly and his reactions to killing his commander, and friend, Aayla Secura.