iPod and Last Night at Home

So I finally went and got the iPod. It was a bit of work, with several things that I had to do this morning, coordinated with several different people, and with certain places to be at certain times. With plans laid this carefully, they never seem to go right for some reason. So, me and my brother drive out to Small Dog electronics, the local Apple dealer in the Valley, and go to buy one of these iPods. I get it, go to check out and my credit card is declined, after waiting for about ten minutes for the guy to enter the information into the computer. My brother had to get to work, and I had to drop off about a month's worth of trash and recyclables at the dump, so we left without buying it. I drop Dan off, go and get to the dump right as they're closing, and was able to convince the guy to let me in. That being said and done, I go back to Small Dog, transfer some money on my debit card and buy it. It's cool, and smaller than I thought that it would be. I'm also an hour later meeting a group of friends for lunch, and I called them on the way over, telling them to meet me at Ben & Jerry's, where my brother works. While I'm waiting, I get some ice cream, for free, a nice perk with having a sibbling working there. Eric, Sparky and Emma show up, and we go get lunch at Pizza Hut. I found on the way out there that holding your hand out of a window and having a large bug hitting it at 75 MPH is painful. Lunch was fun, we went and walked around the mall for a little while and then they dropped me off at home. I went to my computer and promptly loaded all of my music onto the iPod, which I had pretty much learned how to use on the trip. It's a cool device. Small Dog was having a sale that included a set of fold up speakers with it, which have an outstanding sound quality.

I've spent most of the evening listening to it, while packing up for camp, which starts tomorrow. Admin training, and I'm part of it. I can't wait! Things that I'm bringing: Trunk with most of my clothing that I'll wear. Box with DVDs, box with random shit, like my BDUs, various electronics, books and magazines. I've also spent about an hour looking for my computer box, which seems to have vanished, which is a pain because I'm bringing my computer and monitor with me to camp. I guess I'll have to go without. It will be nice being away from home for the next couple months. Being a commuter, I really haven't had that entire experience yet, living away from home, except for the summer months, and I have a feeling that my parents are going to be in for a shock when my brother leaves for college this year, for two semesters. They haven't had me to 'practice' with. I can't wait to be away from the family for a couple months. Everyone can get a little overbearing at times, and this will be a nice change. I'll certainly miss them, but it's not the end of the world. It will be nice to get home at the end of the summer though.

Oh well, time to finish packing random things. I won't be updating much this summer, I think, so have a good summer, until next post.