Troubling Final Week

oi. Things can go from bad to worse very quickly. I just love my job. Here's the situation: Two of my good junior councelors were moved out to another village, and mine was going to be closed up. That switched and I have four of my prior staff members, and two new ones. One of the new guys is good. The other is not. The main problem is that he just doesn't have it as a counselor. He doesn't participate with the campers, opting out for various injuries that might or might not be entirely real. Along these lines, he doesn't do his job. He doesn't supervise his campers properly, and they get into fights and skirmishes. He also yells at everyone who tries to correct him and takes everything entirely too personally. It's frustrating to have someone tell me that I have to respect them when they're not doing their work properly, not following their own advice and are generally horrible. Gah! It's frustrating. Fortunently, only a full day left.