Car Maintainence

So when I was out driving my car the other day, the brakes starting making funny noises. Finished what I was doing, then my dad took the tire off and we found that the brake pads had worn down to nothing, leaving me with a loud grinding noise. So while we were fixing that, we found that a couple of other random things were wrong. The rotors had to be taken off, and we ended up bending a socket wrench trying to get one bolt off. So my car's out of commission for a little while. Joy.

Classes start tomorrow, and I'm still only signed up for two out of the six or so that I need. Grr... Most of my friends are in though, hung out with them for a little while tonight. It was good to reconnect.

Oh yeah, Gateworld just opened up a new Serenity site!:

And, because I'm bored:

The Meme - WITHOUT LOOKING PAST THIS FIRST LIST, choose 12 characters from fandoms you know and love. (Taken from James)

1- Mal Reynolds (Firefly)
2- Lee Apollo Adama (Battlestar Galactica)
3- Hellboy (Hellboy Comics)
4- Spiderman (Spiderman Comics)
5- Han Solo (Star Wars)
6- Kaylee (Firefly)
7- Jayne (Firefly)
8- Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
9- Lyra (His Dark Materials)
10- Robert E. Lee (Coyote)
11- Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
12- Kara Starbuck Thraice (Battlestar Galactica)