Someone kill me now, my life is ... well, almost complete. I just finished the novelization for Serenity.

Oh, my fucking lord. The story is amazing. Completely amazing. This movie is going to be my 100% top favorite movie.

Where to begin? The story is as I've heard it described: Epic, like an entire season of television episodes, but it flows in a way that it doesn't feel like you're watching a couple episodes in a row. It's fast, gritty and extremely dark. The trailers, in a sense, are a little misleading on the tone of the entire movie. I'm going to summarize the story briefly.


The story starts off with the crew doing a heist, using River to watch out for trouble. Simon's pissed off at this, and they threaten to leave the ship, which Mal is only too happy to do. While they're doing this heist, the Reavers attack them. Meanwhile, a man called the Operative is after them, following a secret that River learned during her stay at the Academy, which could have extremely poor results for the Alliance. Over the course of the story, they learn what the secret is, and are basically on the run from the Operative. Everything builds into an extremely dramatic conclusion that is just amazing.


I'm not going to say any more than that. It'd take too long to explain, and ruin the movie a bit. I'm slightly regretting reading this, as I've been warned, but nonetheless, I'm just amazed at the story that's presented here. The crew dynamics are fairly dark, but it picks up well after the series, and with what was probably going to happen if the series had been continued.
The main thing that I love about the book is just the sheer differentness of the plot and the characterizations. It's all the same as the series. It was happy, light, heavy, sad, incredible and scary. I cannot imagine how well it will translate onto the bit screen, and I absolutely cannot wait.

The main downer is the novelization part. It's extremely simple, and fairly disapointing. Kieth R.A. DeCandido does his job, and translates the screenplay into a novel form, but almost nothing beyond that. It's a little bit of a letdown really. His language is too loose and casual, and while it's really easy to read, it leaves a lot to be desired. I'm sure that he did his best though. The story of the book outweighs this though, so I'd definently recommend picking up a copy. (Or two, forafriendwhosneverheardoffireflyorserenityandwhoneedstoseehtemovie.) Ahem.

30 more days. Cannot wait.