Walk On

Happy Labor Day everyone- hope everyone's enjoying their day off if they got one.
I took a walk today, a loop that was about eight miles. It was pretty relaxing, something that I've wanted to do for a while now. Where I live, it's pretty rural, and anyone who's lived in New England knows that there are a ton of dirt roads all over the place, and are travelled fairly lightly depending on where you go. I walked up about a half mile to one class four road, known as the Devil's Washbowl, then hiked down that for about two miles. I ran across two men who were fishing. They asked me if I had any pot. I was a little surprised, but given that I was wearing a bandana, have a beard and long hair, I guess I shouldn't have. I told them I didn't and suggested going up to the University of Vermont. From Devil's Washbowl, I hit a slightly more travelled dirt road, stopped for lunch, then hit a paved road, Union Brook. Here, I wasn't sure which road to take. I ended up guessing which road would take me north to Cox Brook Road, which runs by my house. I guessed correctly and finished the loop. Looking back at a map after I completed my walk, I'm guessing that I went about eight miles, in about three hours, not a bad pace at all. It was a beautiful walk, especially on the dirt roads. There was little traffic until Union Brook, and it was nice to not see anyone for a while. The light in the trees was very relaxing. All in all, I found the paved roads to be more annoying than the dirt ones. They had less character, more traffic and more people. Plus, they tended to be a little warmer. Now, to rest.

Current Music: Best of You, The Foo Fighters