Firefly Soundtrack- OUT NOW!

Fox has released a Firefly Soundtrack! It's a downloadable format, picky, and apparently lacking in a couple songs, but we now have a series soundtrack! I'm planning on getting it later today, and I'll post up my own review, but here's the track listing:

1- Firefly - Main Title
2- Big Bar Fight
3- Heart of Gold Montage
4- Whitefall/Book
5- Early takes Serenity
6- The Funeral
7- Rivers perception/Saffron
8- Mal fights Niska/Back home
9- River tricks Early
10- River understands Simon
11- Leaving/Caper/Spaceball
12- Rivers afraid/Niska/Book
13- In my bunk/Rivers eyes/Boom
14- Inaras Suite
15- Deserted Ship/Empty Derelict
16- Books hair/Ready for Battle
17- Goodbye Early

They're missing the Hero of Canton, which is a shame, but it looks like a good lineup. Unfortunently, I can't access the main website, because none of these fucking school computers have Flash.