Serenity: Opens Tomorrow

The Big Damn Movie is opening tomorrow. TOMORROW. After one release date move, months and months of anticipation, the main event is finally upon us. It's finally here, and I can't wait to finally see it. If you're bored, not sure what to do, not sure which movie to see, this is the one to see. Serenity. There's been a huge number of articles and reviews that have been coming out, and from everyone that I've talked to, the movie is completely amazing, and is so ground breaking that some people have compared to the impact that Star Wars had in the 1970s. I certainly hope that that's the case, and that the public will see this.

There are two features that are well worth checking out: AOL Feature and SciFi's Reurrecting Firefly, hosted by Adam Baldwin, who plays Jayne in the series and movie. They're well worth checking out. Something that I've seen the cast say on a number of occasions: the fans are responsible for bringing back the show. We as fans have been supportive, buying the DVD set, talking online, telling people and essentially, are responsible for bringing the movie to the air. And each of the members of the cast have thanked us in various video interviews. That's the main thing that's blown me away, that they have appreciated our help and recognize that we're here and that we love them. They've been to the prescreenings, done signings and have been just amazing from a fan base. I've talked to friends who've gone and talked with the cast and generally hung out with them at screenings and things like that.

Alan Tudyk , Gina Torres , Jewel Staite , Nathan Fillion , Morena Baccarin and Sean Maher in Universal Pictures' Serenity

I think that the main thing for Firefly fans has been the waiting and anticipation for the movie, much like Star Wars fans have waited years in between each movie. It's the waiting, talking, chatting, watching trailers and waiting for the news to come before the movie opens that really makes this type of thing worth waiting for.

Transport-for-hire ship Serenity lifts off in Universal Pictures' Serenity

So, Joss, Nathan, Gina, Alan, Morena, Adam, Jewel, Sean, Summer, Ron and everyone else involved with the show and movie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing us that they can't take the big damn sky from us.

Oh yeah, and they're FINALLY releasing a regular Firefly Television Soundtrack on a real CD. Right after I bought the damn thing online. Here.