The Weekend

The weekend was a relief after this week. It was also incredibly busy, which was probably a good thing. Over the summer, I worked at YMCA Camp Abnaki, one of the most important places in the world for me, and one of the various things that's done is volunteer work in the off season. We tend to get the diehard and dedicated counselors/staff to come out and help do various projects on the grounds. This weekend was one such weekend.I only have one class on Friday, which is over at ten in the morning. So, my Dad borrowed my car that day to drive down to get my Brother, who's attending the University of Hartford. He was supposed to be back at six thirty, where I'd get my car back and drive up to hang out with people. I called Rachel to see if she was free, which she was, and I intended to meet her at eight. Then dad called: He was caught in horrible traffic, and wouldn't get home until eight. I basically ended up seeing my brother for a grand total of about five-ten minutes, then headed up. I was only about a half-hour, forty minutes late for Rachel, but it was fine. She also had a really crappy week. Her cat was missing, and she was taking it pretty hard. We ended up talking for a couple hours, just catching up after the summer and with various other things, talked about our own situations. I think that it helped a lot- I was certainly the happiest I was all week to be up there. I ended getting to Camp around eleven thirty, where I ran into Evan and his Wife, talked with them until about midnight, then went to sleep. I found then that the sleeping bag that I grabbed didn't have a zipper. It was pretty cold that night too. Saturday, I finally saw everyone, Brad, his four friends, Chandler, Lindsay, and a couple others who joined us later. It was like we never left. It's like it always is. We did a number of projects, including some interior demolition, moving picnic tables, bonfires and moving the docks out of the water. Lot of work, and my back is hurting a little from the lifting. We went to Lindsay's place to have some fun. It's really interesting to watch people who are high trying to play Pictionary. I didn't drink or smoke anything, because I was one of the drivers back, and I've never gotten into that stuff. By the looks of it, I wasn't missing out on much. Left early this morning, said goodbye to everyone, headed home, did a bit of work at school. Productive weekend.I did find another good band to check out: Nickel Creek, who I've heard about a bit from the radio station that I sometimes listen to. Lindsay had their CD, which I borrowed. Very good stuff. They just played up here too, and from what I've heard, it was a good show. If you like Folk/Bluegrass, they're a group to check out.