It's amazing what happens to a group of people when the power is cut to something like a college campus. Vermont recieved several more inches of snow last night, and as usual, the power cut out. I was over the for the night anyway, because my car doesn't have snow tires yet, and that's a bad thing, especially here, with soft, wet, heavy snow falling. So around 10, everything went out. Lights, computer network, everything, except the library, which for some odd reason, was completely powered, except that it didn't have internet. Nothing came on until 6 this morning. So, no progress on several projects, and no returning home to get things that I needed.
What was also disturbing was the amount of trouble that the blackout caused. First, there were two injuries that I heard of- one broken arm, caused when someone was sliding down a hill and smashed into a railing. The second case was someone doing the same thing and slammed into a tree with their back, and couldn't walk afterwards. The other thing that I heard about was that the UP (Upper Parade Ground) turned into a huge snowball fight, but also that some people were carrying around rapiers and baseball bats, trying to order Civilians around. Probably exaggerated, but who knows.

It was funny, because my friend Matt voiced the same thing that I was thinking: It's just like in Nightfall.