Random Acts

One of the things that I really like about some of my friends is the extremely random things that we do. Take my friend Eric for example- One of the many things that we completely agree with is that we should never plan anything out. A) It never works, and B) it's never any fun. I think that we both like seeing where randomness takes us.
This is about what we did today- I ran into him today when I went in to drop my sister off at her piano lesson. Eric and I decided to hang out for a while. We then decided, that after I dropped my sister off at her friend's house, we'd go up to Burlington, just for the hell of it. So we did. We stopped up at Bestbuy, where I found a copy of Amos Lee's newest Album, which is outstanding, and that Best Buy was giving out copies of HBO's newest series, Rome's pilot episode. Pretty cool. We then went up to Church Street, walked around for a while there, in Borders and Quarterstaff. Ran into Rachel and her friend Kara, talked with them for a while.
It was good to be among proper villians again- Eric and I are extremely alike, and it was great just to talk for a while about everything. We don't see each other much, so it was good to catch up again.
On the way home, I picked up a hitchhiker, dropped her off down the road. Never done that before, felt good to help someone out. She was kinda weird though. Large vocabulary for a highschool girl.