I took this from Sarah- Take your music list - put random on and write down the first line of the next 20 songs.. then leave it up to the people who read your LJ (if they can be bothered) to guess them. If not - just have 20 songs stuck in your head at once and implode. 1- Every day, every day with you, every letter, every way you do. 2- I ain’t no wide eyed rebel, Oh, but I ain’t no preacher’s son 3- The wind blew and her hair stood still 4- An address to the golden door, I was strumming on a stone again 5- Last night I dreamed, while I was walking that I died looking up... 6- Don't call me hippy cause the way that I look 7- Where can a sick man go, when he can't choke down the medicine, the old Doc knows... 8- Up and Down, puppy's hair, fleas and ticks jump everywhere... 9- I am driving, 85 and the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon... 10- Load up on guns, Bring your friends, It’s fun to lose, 11- It's 9 oclock on a saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in... 12- That Cuban Girl, that brought me low... 13- Live a life less ordinary, life a life extrordinary with me. 14- I am thinking it's a sign, 15- There was a decorated General with a heart of gold... 16- Fine, I understand, Okay with me, if that's the plan... 17- So long ago, I don't remember when 18- The evening was long, my guesses were true... 19- Waiting for the break of day 20- Lights go out in a carry safe, tides that I tried to swim against.