Flight 19

60 years ago today, (1945), a group of US Army Avenger Torpedo Bombers set out from the US Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale Florida on a navigational flight. All the pilots were highly qualified and experienced, with hundreds of flight hours. There was nothing too abnormal about the weather.
At 4pm later that date, a message between the flight leader and another member of his flight indicated that they were both lost and that they had lost their navigational equipment. All contact was then lost, and the pilots were never heard from again. SAR ops were unsucessful as well, although a report was recieved from a civilan vessel that they had sighted an explosion and oil slick.
This is yet another story associated with the so called Bremuda Triangle, a territory in which has been named as the cause of hundreds of disapearences of aircraft and ships over the years. Indeed, Christopher Columbus himself recorded in his logs at some sort of encounter while passing through the region.

Is this a paranormal thing that's going on? Probably not. From what I've been able to gather, the area doesn't have any more disapearances or sinkings than any other region, and it's got some harsher weather at times. But, it's a fun tale on it's own.

It's appropriate then, that the SciFi channel is releasing it's newest miniseries, The Triangle, tonight at 9 and will continue through Wednsday night, totalling six hours. In the series, a wealthy shipping magnate hires an odd group of people to solve what's going on once and for all after he loses a couple of ships in the area. Looks to be a very fun ride, and I'm getting it taped, in case I can't see it as it happens. It's got a really good creative team behind it, as well as some good actors. SciFi does a great job on their miniseries events, and this one looks to be another good one. A ten minute preview is up at http://tv.yahoo.com as wellas a twenty minute SciFi Inside documentary.