One Week & Tintin

Went to the theater last night, the Barbican, to see a stage performance of Tintin and Tibet. I've probably mentioned it in passing, but I'm a very big fan of the entire comic series, ever since I first read the comics in high school. They're a great read, if you've never picked them up, about a young reporter and his various adventures around the world. There's an entire shop here devoted to the comics, and I picked up the DVDs of the cartoon series, which has proven to be very faithful to the comics, and fun to watch.
The play was based off of the comic Tintin in Tibet, which is possibly one of the best ones out there. In this paticular story, Tintin and his friend Captain Haddock are vacationing when Tintin learns that his friend Chang has crashed in the Himalayas, and sets out to rescue him, despite all the odds of his survival. The play was fantastic, with Haddock and Tintin acted out amazingly, as well as a couple of the other characters. Snowy, Tintin's companion, was played by an actor and a small dog, and proved to be very funny. Here's the official site for the play.

Russell Tovey as Tintin. Photo Keith Pattison

And, I've been here for an entire week already. Went by fairly quickly, and I've really been enjoying my time here.