Haven't been up to much in the past couple of days, a couple classes, going to Oxford and Windsor Castle, both of which were pretty interesting. Thursday and Friday I currently have off, which is really nice, able to sleep in a bit and to do whatever.
I walked down to visit the Tate Modern today. We visited during our orientation, where we got tickets through the program to see their exibition on Henri Rousseau, which was pretty interesting, but that's all that we saw. Went to go see the rest of it today. Lots of other pieces of art there, some very cool and very weird stuff.
I realized that there's a reason why I like art: It confuses the hell out of me, and for most of them, make me think about what the artist is trying to say, most of the time. Plus, it's nice to just see some things that look really cool. However, there's only a couple of the paintings in there that I'd seriously consider going back to see. But there are a lot of other interesting things to see there.
Went back home, cooked some dinner, chicken, which actually came out pretty good, and down here to check the mail. Katie, one of the Lexia people, is coming on Saturday, and we're going to Canterbury on Monday.