iTV 3

Not the station, but another development, (Sort of) with television on the internet. Like the internet, the ability to view TV and media through it is also increasing. We've seen television episodes on Yahoo, iTunes launching a video section that has done amazingly, and now, iTunes is being used to advertise for TV shows in much the same way that Yahoo was used for the show Supernatural.
According to, iTunes will be allowing viewers to download the pilot episode of Conviction, a new show on NBC for free between February 21st through March 3rd. While the show might not appeal to everyone who might otherwise purchase the episode, the option to download and retain the episode for free will certainly bring in some new viewers who essentially have nothing to loose by getting the episode for free.
The show is apparently about a group of district attorneys and their lives. While not the most original, this should give the show a boost with viewers, who can download the episode a full ten days before the episode hits the airwaves.
Along with the pilot, there the following episodes of the show will be on iTunes as well, opening an entire new audiance, abit one with money and high speed dialup, to watch the show on their computers. This could potentially open the market to new people, such as students or people with limited TV access, to see shows. Because of the pay per download nature, one can also eliminate advertising and commercials.
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