I'm going to see Philip Pullman.

That's right, Philip Pullman, the author who wrote The Golden Compass, Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass.

Along with him, Brian Aldiss, who's a really amazing Science Fiction writer.

Oxford is running a Literary Festival, and when I was there, I found a pamphlet with the topics and speakers there. Pullman, Aldiss and a couple other authors are doing one on the Science in Science Fiction. So, I just booked a ticket, VERY close to the front row, so I'm getting a good seat for this. I doubt that they'll be doing a signing, but just being there will be plain cool. 25 days from now then.

Went to Bristol yesterday, had a very fun time there. Great city, very clean, small, homely. Had lunch at a very good cafe, walked around a lot. It snowed. Hard. Literally, I've never, ever, seen a snowstorm come up so fast. It was sunny when we went into a building, ten minutes later, we get out and it's coming down extremely hard. Visibility dropped and for about a half hour (We went to the cafe) it just came down. Insane.

Now, for class.