I've been having an odd sort of day today. Class was boring, and I was extremely tired as that the neighbors were very loud - they must have had a gathering or something. I ended up catching a couple hours sleep in the living room, then back to my own bed, where at four in the morning, I could still hear people talking. I think I told them to shut it, and went to sleep.
Class was boring, as I mentioned, and I handed in my essay on politics and economics during the early 18th century. Went out, picked up a book, Long Way Round, by actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, about a trip that they took around the world on motorcycles, through Europe, Asia and North America. It's extremely good thus far. Went to the flat, had a small lunch, then set out walking with my book, intending to go to a small park to read for a while.
Since I've been here, I've found that walking is a good activity to do. I've spent several hours at a time picking a random direction and seeing what's down which street. While doing so, I've found some very good streets to walk down that are nice, English and quiet. My favorite walk is between my flat and the FSU campus. It's all back streets, along Rugby Street and to Greater Ormond Street to Queen Square, then over to Greater Russell Street. It's about ten minutes, and in my opinion, more interesting than Theobold's Road, which has quite a bit of traffic.
While walking along it today, I came across a small bookshop - the smallest in London- according to the owner. We talked for a little while. He was interested that I was a history and geology student, and I bought a book from him, which he gave me at a discount, being a student. It's probably the best bookshop that I've ever seen.
From there, I went to Queen's Square, which has some benches and an enclosed grassy area with a statue of Queen Victoria (I think). I was attacked by an excited Black Lab with a large, half deflated ball in her mouth. The owner let me throw it for her a couple times, and I petted the dog (Ozzy) before leaving. It's been a while since I've been near a dog, and it makes me miss Buck and Fionna a little.