Whee. I'm tired. I got up late again, which I didn't intend to do, and while waiting for my laundry to go, I turned on the television and watched a short thing on rocks in the UK. I've been meaning to head over to Dover for a day or so to see some real rocks again. It was enough to finally get me over to Victoria Station to look up train tickets for the place. About £22, which is a little more than I expected, but not too bad. I also picked up a thing for bus tickets, which might prove to be cheaper. After that, I wandered around the area a bit, and ended up going in circles. Walked by Buckingham Palace, Green Park (which I liked more) and around a number of back streets. I don't know how I went in a giant loop, I just did.
When I returned to the FSU to do some work, I wrote up a power point presentation on the Grand Canyon, for a class later this week at the Charter School. The geography teacher that I've been helping out, Mr. Henderson, learned that I hiked part of it and I found myself assigned to do a presentation, which I'm excited to do.
But in writing it, I went over all my old photographs of the place. I really miss the place, the South West. The geology department went out on a trip this past week (I think) to Texas for driving around looking at rocks, and I really wish that I could be out there, because the past two trips, to New Mexico and Nevada/Arizona/Utah were some of the best experiences in my life, not to mention the most beautiful. I really like London, but it just doesn't have some of the things out there. But I digress. Maybe next year.
Still looking at Ireland and Greece, but I need to hear back from people about other travel plans. You know who you are.