Four Weeks / Sara Wheeler

Inbetween moods at the moment. For the semester, I've had a three day weekend the entire time, which is nice. Yesterday was the four week mark. Four weeks. I can't believe how fast time has gone, and that my time here is almost over. Man. In that time, I have a trip to Cork, Greece and hopefully Stonehenge, as well as a report due this monday and a 20 page paper on the nature of science fiction in the UK to do. Too much to do.

Has ANYONE heard of a singer named Sara Wheeler, or have any of her music? She played at my school during my freshman year, and I really enjoyed listening to her music. I picked up her CD Moonlight Dancers, which is now linked in my mind to New Mexico, because I listened to that CD so much while I was down there. Unfortunently, I haven't been able to find any of her other albums in stores, although I do know of a place on the internet where I can get a couple, which I might do when I return home, or over the summer.

Her music style is folk, but she really doesn't sound like anyone else, and when I listen to her music, it really cheers me up a bit. Unfortunently, when my iPod crapped out again, I lost all of her music for the time being, and the only song that I've been able to listen to is Dreaming (Which is an outstanding song)

Her website: