Trip & Masters of Sci-Fi

Quick post because I'm off for the next day or so leaving in a little while, going down to Eastbourne, on the Southern Coast of England for the night. Hopefully getting to see the ocean, some real rocks and some fossils while I'm down there. Should be very fun.

A while ago, it was announced that ABC has green lit a new series called Masters of Science Fiction, which adapts a number of the classic authors and some of their stories into television format. There's not going to be a storyline throughout the show, just adaptations of stories, which I'm extremely excited for. Should be really cool to watch, when it comes out. Here's a blurb on it from the SciFi Wire:

The series will feature episodes based on writing by such SF masters as Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison and Isaac Asimov. (ABC has given the gree light to 13 one-hour episodes.) Some are original stories; some are adaptations of older classics to attract younger audiences. The first segment, "Watchbird," will begin filming in Vancouver, Canada, in late April, directed by Michael Tolkin (The Rapture) and co-written by Michael Cassutt (who wrote for The Dead Zone and Andromeda) and J. Michael Straczynski (Bablyon 5). "One of the people I'm most excited about who is going to be involved with this [new] series is Stephen Hawking [the professor, writer and black holes expert], and I always thought that I wanted to meet him," Hyde said. "He's a visionary of our time."
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Finally, it came to light the other day that President Bush was the one who authorized the leak of an undercover CIA official's name in an effort to get leverage for the war in Iraq. Cheney's Aide is under inditment for the leak and this is just going to get messy.

Sorry, but things are getting over the line. You DON'T release classified information like that, especially with a CIA officer, and one that's undercover. Given that it was classified and with Bush the one who authorised the release, there's more than likely something that's been broken. This has to be looked into more closely. Someone should at least say something about it in the Congress.