Work, work, work

Happy Birthday to Jason, one of the guys from below us. I daresay we'll be hitting the pub tonight with him. And most likely some more Green Wing. As Jayne has said: High-larious.

Crunch time. 8 Days until I return home, and work's kicking in. I just finished a rough draft of my Science Fiction in the UK paper, coming out at a good ten pages. I'm presenting on the paper today, and it's due next week, so I've got a bit to work on, and I'll know what to flesh out later today, so that's a plus.

2 More papers to do for British Heritage, one of which is almost done already, I just need to do the second one.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to my last day at the Charter School, which should be fun. I'll say goodbye to people that I've worked with and whatnot. I'll miss them. Friday, my friend Prediep, from France is coming to visit. He worked with me at camp, and won't be returning this year.

Now, for a presentation.