I just got back from Grandpa Raymond's funeral. There were quite a few people there, and his service to camp was mentioned several times, which was nice. CJ, who was my CIT director and one of the best men to work at camp in my experience, spoke (he was a relative of him). It was paticularly hard to see him break down while talking.
There were some other staff there from camp, as well as Dan and Nate Raymond, his grandchildren, who also worked at Abanki. Dan and I were fairly good friends while he worked here, and it was good to see him, abit briefly. He's in the Army, and must have gotten an emergency leave to come. Hopefully they'll all stop by and visit. I miss them.

My job at camp, since Sara asked, is thus: I'm a village director- I'm in charge of one of the four villages at camp, primarily with the staff, but also with the campers. It's a different job than being a counselor, but just as interesting.