Superman and Headaches

I drove out to see Superman Returns last night on my night off - Fantastic movie, really well done and a great comic book movie. The opening credits were fantastic - lots of space and planet shots with the main theme, and while watching it, I realized exactly what people were thinking back in 1977 when Star Wars was released for the first time: Wow. Absolutely fantastic. It wasn't a great movie by any means, but it was extremely well done and very fun to watch, so it's coming highly recommended from me. Bryan Singer did a wonderful job with this one, and I think that he's even refined his style a bit, which is good to see. I hadn't seen anything else from Superman, none of the other movies, so I felt like I was missing something at times, but that just means that I'll be going out to find Superman 1 and 2 (I've been told to avoid the 3rd and 4th ones.)
I was waiting to see Hugh Laurie make a cameo towards the end, which would have been hilarious (Singer is the producer and a director for the show House, MD.) Kevin Spacy was great as Lex Luthor, Brandon Roth was really good as Superman/Clark Kent, etc. The film looked good. It drags a little at some points, and seems to be a little too long, but it's definently fun to watch.

It's been paticularly stressful today. I got out of bed slightly late, because my cabin's power died again sometime last night, and when I did get out to flagpole, I found from the director and assistant director that one of my counselors was to be fired today. So I'm down a counselor. Not really torn up over it though, for other reasons.

However, I finally got my medical papers in, my credit card payment and rent, and finally fixed my boots in time for Risk tonight. Yay. Now, to get going on some more paperwork and other random camp things.