Carbon Leaf - Live at Battery Park

Great concert - I really had a good time watching these guys for the third time in Burlington. Great set list, great weather for it, and all around fun. I met up with Jakob, a counselor who left a couple weeks early to get ready for school, and Laura, another friend of mine, who's also a big fan of the band.
They played a good mix of things - a bunch of new songs from Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat : Learn to Fly, Love Loss Hope Repeat, Native America, Under the Wire, Texas Stars, Comfort, a lot of songs from Indian Summer, Paloma, Life Less Ordinary, Changeless, One Pairie Outpost, What About Everything and even a couple songs from Echo Echo: Desperation Song and The Boxer. All really good renditions, and the band has been sounding really good altogether. I really like the sound and feel of the new songs. It's gonna be a great album.
It was also fun to be there with people. The last time I went, I didn't have anyone that I was with. It was great to get a couple of drinks with some friends and to just relax.

And now, I'm going to bed...