One would have thought that hearing the song Bad Day on the radio would be an innocent thing, I am here to assure you that it's far more malicious. Not that my day's been bad, it's just been far from good at the moment.
Last night, I had to change the oil in my car. No big deal, I know how to do it, and took about an hour to drain it, replace the filter and replace the oil. Wee, I'm done. Start the car and all the oil comes out the bottom of the engine. Turns out I didn't tighten the oil filter as much as it could have been. Went back home to sleep, woke up late, had my dad help me with the cleanup, and arrived at class late. Fortunently, the teacher was understanding when I explained why I came in ten minutes late for a fifteen minute class.
Now, I need to go to my second class, bring my car in for a checkup (not related to last night's fun) and finish cleaning all the oil off the floor. And I missed Prison Break last night.