Higher Ground Hates Me

The Higher Ground is a really nice concert venue here in Vermont. They attract quite a few mid-level singers and bands, and have had some incredible shows throughout the year. I've missed a couple already this year - K.T. Tunstall played earlier this year, while I was working, and Great Big Sea played the week before I returned from London.

What's awesome is that they have Carbon Leaf coming back again, on October 23rd, which is a Monday. Great, okay. But wait, I looked closer at the schedule:

10-30 - Amos Lee
10-31 - Mike Doughty
11-19 - James Hunter
12-29 - 12-31 - Grace Potter and the Nocternals.

James Hunter, I might/probably will skip. I like his music, but I've really only listened to one or two songs. Amos Lee and Mike Doughty however, both incredible artists, and back to back. Amos Lee I really, really, really want to see. And Grace Potter, well, hopefully I'll be able to see her. I love her music.