Veronica Mars : Season 3, Episode 1

The first episode of the third season of Veronica Mars! I picked up the first two seasons of the show on DVD, and it's one of the best and brightest out there in TV world.
The past two seasons have chronicled Veronica's Junior and Senior years in high school. This year goes to college. Unlike the past two seasons, where the mysteries have been solved over an entire season, in addition to the smaller things that Veronica solves, this season will employ three seperate mysteries one at a time, one after the other.
Spoilers for the first episode:
One of the really cool things about the second season is the storylines that are carried over from the first season. Same happens with the second season and coming into the third season. When Veronica was looking for colleges, there was an episode that dealt with a rapist. This seems to be the first major storyline of the season, revealed at the end of the first episode.
It's a seamless transition between seasons and this time, networks. Some of the characters look a little different, which is fairly realistic, but the humor, darkness, camera work and tight storylines are still there. The opening credits are different, with the same song, just sounding more stripped down than in previous years. It looks and sounds great.I can't wait to see the rest of the season.Oh, and there's an awesome Battlestar Galactica reference in the episode.