Life through a telescopic lense

I still have my cast on. No, it wasn't taken off, like I'd hoped that it would be, but no, I have another week to go with it on. It's infuriating and I'm about ready to take the damn thing off myself, if I hadn't already been warned by someone that that's probably a bad idea.


On top of that, nobody showed up for my geology tutoring session. Now, this is somewhat usual, I sit in the Geology lab for two or so hours, waiting for someone to show up with a question. Hell, any question would do, but nope. Two hours of my time wasted, where I didn't have to leave a meeting early or hell, even miss the latest episode of Heroes. At least I got a bit of my reading for English done, although I need to finish Dracula for Gothic Lit tomorrow. I also got another couple of chapters done in Matriarch (I'm going Sarah...). Brilliant book from Karen Traviss, the forth book after City of Pearl, Crossing the Line and The World Before.

I've been spending some down time working on the blog. New appearance, but Blogger also added a tagging option, so one can create a theme for each post, and if so inclined, someone could search for related entries. Great, but I have another 250 posts to go to finish up... some other time. Any thoughts on the new layout?

Studio 60 rocked. Go watch, if you haven't yet.

There's not a whole lot that I can talk about really. I took my sister out to dinner the other night. It was fun to hang out with her and catch up a little, because I don't see my family members as often as I did. Freaked my mom out, as we got home to find 4-5 increasingly frantic messages from her. We had a good laugh about it later, along with talk of what my asperations are for the future, time management and other random school things.

Overall, aside from the cast still being on my arm, things are going well.