Music Meme

Taken from this blog, from May 3rd, '05. Lots of changes since then:

01) Total volume of music files on my computer? Currently: 3904 Songs, 10.7 Days at 14.80 gigs. And it's still going up. Currently, I have 75 songs that I have not yet listened to. Almost 1.9% of all the music that I have that I really haven't listened to. A lot better than a year ago, where it was almost 24%. More statistics:

Albums: 721
Artists: 724
Genres: [Genre, (Song Count)] 37:
Acoustic (2), Alternative (231), Alternative & Punk (72), Bluegrass (32), Blues (4), Classic Rock (100), Classical (62), Country (10), Electronic (64), Folk (230), Hard Rock (30), Hip-Hop / Rap (3), Holiday (32), Humor (127), Jazz (79), Jazz/R&B (25), Latin (2) Light Rock (90), Lo-Fi/Garage (1), Metal (10), Music Video (3), New Age (37), Other (2), Podcast (3), Pop (52), Punk (1), R&B (2), R&B / Soul (3), Rap (1), Reggae (2), Rock (1331), Rock/Pop (10), Soundtrack (1138), Spoken Word (1), Techno (7), and World (27).

02) Last Album Purchased: Supply and Demand, by Amos Lee. Last couple songs that I've downloaded are from Snow Patrol's Eyes Open Album.

03a) Last Song Played: While writing this, Soul Meets Body, Death Cab for Cutie on their album Plans.

03b) Song playing right now is... This is Us, by Mark Knophfer & Emmylou Harris off the album All the Road Running.

04) Five albums I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me...This is going to be difficult:
a) Love, Loss, Hope, Repeat. Carbon Leaf's songs are so perfect for my moods and completely relatable. Comfort, Texas Stars, Love Loss Hope Repeat, Learn to Fly and International Airport are my favourites.
b) Garden State Soundtrack, Various. Still a favourite CD of mine. I love all the songs on it, and have really gotten into a lot of the bands/singers.
c) Time Without Consequence, Alexi Murdoch. Great singer, and he's got some really great songs on this album, such as Orange Sky and Song for You.
d) Simple Things, Zero 7. Love every song on here. Great album, really chilled. End Theme, Destiny, In the Waiting Line (Also on the Garden State OST) and I Can See are my favourites.
e) Veneer, Jose Gonzalez. This album is beautiful. Soft, soothing, with a wonderful acoustic sound to it. Heartbeats is the best, but Crosses, Stay in the Shade, and Love Will Tear Us Apart are fantastic.
Runners up: Some Devil (Dave Matthews), A Girl Called Eddy (A Girl Called Eddy), Sunrise over Sea (John Butler Trio), Pink Moon (Nick Drake), Original Soul (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals) Indian Summer and Echo Echo (Carbon Leaf), Haughty Melodic (Mike Doughty), Eye to the Telescope (KT Tunstall), Eyes Open (Snow Patrol), Burning in the Sun (Blue Merle), Amos Lee and Supply and Demand (Amos Lee), Give Up (The Postal Service) and Rush of Blood to the Head (Coldplay.)

5) 5 People to pass the baton to and why: Anyone really. It's always interesting to see what other people like for music.