Under the Milky Way Tonight

I have classes for next semester. And I didn't have to wait for hours in line either, which was a fantastic surprise. I did have to do the usual running around when I couldn't get into a seminar class that I'd hoped to get into, but I got into an equally interesting one.
Next semester, this is what my course load is looking like:

Math: A Liberal Art
History Seminar: History of Norwich University
American Politics
World Lit II

And with that, I'll have the proper number of credits to graduate on time!

My wrist is still sore. I think that I might have sprained it. It's not broken, as that it didn't swell up like it did last time and it doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did when fractured and I have full mobility with it. It's still an annoyance though. (And no, Sarah, the Ninjas need not come and kidnap my bike. It's not out to kill me.)

Not too much else to talk about. A friend gave me some bluegrass covers of Greenday's American Idiot album, which is a very odd combination, but it sounds really good. Galactica's on tonight. Go watch.