The Times, They Are A 'Changing

The Democrats have retaken control of the House of Representatives, for the first time in 12 years. As of right now, the Senate is too close to call, pending recounts, and as a result, Secretary Rumsfeld has resigned as the Secretary of Defense.
I personally see it as a positive change, and I'm interested to see how and where the direction of the country will go, and more interestingly, how the world (Paticularly in Iraq) will react to the change. I didn't hear any discussion of the change in parties during any of my classes, which surprised me a little, although we did talk a little in History in the afternoon, shortly after I started this entry around 1:30.
I am awaiting to see what NU Daily, a blog about Norwich by a Cadet there. It's sometimes an interesting read, other times not as much - I don't tend to agree with a lot of the things written there, but that's just me. Given that Norwich is a fairly conservative closeminded school, I can't imagine that the school as a whole will be thrilled. I am hoping that people will take it in stride and work with it. Hoepfully, Congress and the Executive Branch will work more closely together, although I imagine that we will have some interesting things ahead of us.
In Vermont, Bernie Sanders won over Richard Tarrent, proving that a multiple million dollar character-bashing campaign really doesn't work, and in addition to his history with Fletcher Allen Medical Center, I'm not surprised that Bernie won. It was amusing to see the Daily Show poke fun at Vermont, by saying that we'd made ourselves even more irrelevant with his election (Bernie is an Independant, and Socialist). Peter Welsh won Sander's old seat in the House, which I was pleased to see, and Governor Jim Douglas retained his office for the next two years, something that I'm not overly concerned about. I think that despite his party (R), he's done a fairly good job with things in VT. I just wish that he'd change his mind with some of his environmental policies a little.
As of updating this entry, the Senate is still too close to call, although it's looking like the Democrats might carry that state as well, with the lead going to Jim Webb by about 7,000 votes, according to the New York Times. They did carry Montana, which I was surprised at.