Oh man, I'm just geeking out about that!

That's about accurate, courtesy of the Incredibles. This is because of the following news stories and other random geek things that have hit the web while I was away at work:

  1. Studio 60 has finally received a full, 22 episode order for the season. Despite the lower than expected/wanted ratings, the studio has some faith in the show, and will at least bring us to the end of Season 1, during which, hopefully we'll see the ratings improve somewhat. I really wish that we'd gotten a bit more of a chance with some other shows, which were cut really fast, like Smith. This is also despite some pretty low blows from FOX, who reported that the show was going to be cancelled, presumably to force viewers away from the show.
  2. Speaking of Smith, CBS has released the remaining four episodes that were filmed online, streaming free on their Innertube platform for the next four weeks. The first three episodes are also up, and the entire series will be put on iTunes, and apparently there'll be an explanation for the remainder of the season posted somewhere. Smith, for those of you not familiar with the show, was a heist-based show, following a band of master thieves. I'm a fan of the genre, and this show is a nice weekly dose of that. It had quite a bit of potential, with an overall storyline and some interesting characters, but it was pulled from the air after only three episodes. Hopefully, the remaining four episodes will have some closure.
  3. The Spiderman 3 trailer has hit the web, and you can see it here. It's amazing. We see the Sandman, Venom, Spiderman, Hobgoblin, lots of flying around, some amazing looking special effects and man, May 4th can't come fast enough.
  4. Production for the SciFi series the Dresden Files has started, and the show's slated to start on the network in January of this coming year. I'm looking forwards to this, although I'd thought that production started already, because there's trailers for it. It's about a Wizard in Chicago, and I have one of the books, which is good thus far. I need to finish it.