Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

It's Vacation. Finally! A relaxing frantic week of where I have nine separate things to for three different classes, seven books to read, four days of work, which will more thank likely be extremely busy as the holiday shopping season ramps up into full gear. It'll be nice to actually have people buy things than just poking around. Brought Kyle to the airport, he's home for the first time in a year, pretty excited about that.
I've also been subcontracted out to help cook part of our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday - I learned to cook bread from scratch. It's an absurdly simple recipe, although it takes over 12 hours to finish, to give it time to rise and everything. I started the prep work on it last night and had it done by three this afternoon, whereupon I brought it home. My brother's reaction:

"You made that? It looks professional."

Cue the laughter from my sister and mother. It turned out great, and everyone seemed to like it well enough, so I've started work on some more loaves. Unfortunently, I can only make one at a time, but the time to let it sit is long enough that I'll be able to start it and leave it again later on. Tasted fantastic too. Made me happy.

I am looking forwards to sleeping in over the next couple days. That and seeing people I haven't seen in a while. And you know, the whole not going to class part.