Made a Note of it, did you Write it on your Hand?

I have one more semester left, and in the past month or so, I've done a lot of reflecting on what really interests me and what I want to continue with. I came up with a list about a foot long of possible career options, going all over the place. I have a lot of interests in tons of fields.
I'm currently majoring in history, which worries my parents somewhat, I'm guessing because I don't have a nice clear path to a high paying job afterwards. I'm okay with that, because history interests me a lot.
A while ago, I read and reviewed a book called Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book. Like the title suggests, it's about the history of comics. What it doesn't necessarily suggest is the implications that the comic book really had, such as it's birth, how it related to immigration, what it meant for media censorship and dignity laws, and all that.
That's the type of history that really interests me now - cultural/popular cultural history. What I'd love to do is find work in that sort of field - I talked to one of my professors, and learned that I probably have around three or four options - Museum work, writing, teaching, consulting. Those may overlap as well, but I'd need to obtain a Master's Degree at the bare minimum, and preferably a Doctor's as well. While the thought of schooling for the next several years isn't the most appealing, it would be in a dedicated subject that I like a lot.
I think that's what I want to do. Possibly get something for inbetween Norwich and whatever I might be going to, but that is something that I can see myself doing for a while. Definently not working in retail and probably not summer camp/youth help for much longer, as much as I hate to say that.
It's coming up fast, the end of college, and it scares the hell out of me.