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I would be remiss not to talk about these guys for a while. Trilobites are fossils, my absolute favorites, ever since I was a little kid. They're essentially what got me interested in geology in the first place, and fossil collecting in general. I've got a number of them in my collection of fossils, some bought, some found around Vermont. They're cool little critters.

Basically, Trilobites first appeared in the fossil record during the Cambrian (about 530 million years ago) period before vanishing during the Permian, (250 million years ago). While on the planet, they represented one of the most prevalent and extensive species in earth's history, with over 15,000 species identified to date. They were fairly complex creatures, with delicate eye structures and legs. They could curl up into a small roll to avoid predators, and it is suspected that they were mainly bottom feeders, although some might have been carnivorous.

Look at my name, JediTrilobite, for this blog, and you can probably tell that I like these guys. So it was a huge delight that I found a band called Trilobite. They're a bluegrass group out of New Mexico, with an album up on iTunes already, and a couple music blogs saying that these guys are to be looked after. I'll certainly be doing that.

Two of their songs:
Trilobite - "Pumpkin Farmer" (MP3)
Trilobite - "Hunky Kentuckian" (MP3)

Their myspace page is:, where they have a couple of other songs up to listen to. Wee!