Feelin' the Same Way All Over Again

My desk is clean. My room is clean. My bookshelves have been dusted off, random books have been put back in their slots, the bed is made, closet straightened, school work is being done and I can see the flat surfaces in my room once again.
Okay, so I was avoiding homework for a little while, but I've gotten some things done, like my reading journal, starting research for my final in Gothic Lit and will be getting other bits of work done shortly. Even if I had to skip history to get into a good work ethic. Why do my productive habits kick in now?
I'm also going to go rock climbing for the first time in months. Between work, school and other random things, I haven't had a chance to get out to the rock gym since Camp. I guess nobody else has been either, because they've called a meeting to gauge interest in the club, and hopefully there will be something next semester, and hopefully, I'll have more time later on.
After that, I'm going to be sitting on my second honour committee. Hopefully that won't be too bad.