So there we were...

So this is how it happened. I finished my history final almost an hour and a half early, along with my friend Rubleman. To celebrate, we decided to go to the Fiddler's Green, a new bar in Northfield, one that was popular with Norwich students, mainly because it's an alternative for the Rustic, the other sketchy bar in town.
Greg said that he'd pick me up from my place at 8:30. That rolls around while I'm waiting for him, and about five, ten minutes after that, he walks up to my place. He needed to make a call, because he got the car stuck in a ditch. He can't get cell service from here, so we walked down and roused a neighbor to call a tow service.
I got a look at the car. The rear left tire was completely off the ground by two feet, the front right one was way in the ditch and the rear right was completely flattened. I'm still not entirely sure how he managed to do it, but the next 40 or so minutes was us trying to get the car out. The neighbor had a tractor and we eventually got it, and went down to the bar.
It was fun. Pretty empty, I'm guessing because people had finals, but they had Battlestar Galactica on the TV, some good beer, and some of our other friends were there, so we spent the next hour or so talking about random things. Fun stuff. I had to go back and rewatch Galactica, because I couldn't really hear the TV, but there's a good bar in town that I need to get to more often.
Now, for my English exam. Ugh. At least I'm not working today.