Random Happenings

Work in the Kiosk has gone back down to pre-Thanksgiving rush for calanders. Fortunently, I've been in the store more recently than I have in the Kiosk, which gives me more to do, like organizing books and being OCD about it. I think, and some people at work have said that I'm likely to be retained for the spring, which would be really handy.
I did an interview with someone from Norwich about facebook, how the studen body percieves and uses it, which was interesting. I have a bit of a love - hate relationship with that platform. Good way to keep in touch with people, and less sketchier than myspace, but god, does it eat up time. I'm going to try and make a consious effort to avoid the computer more this semester and read more. Let's see if that actually happens.
Saw my friend Blackwell yesterday, he's going back to school today. I really haven't been around a whole lot of people this break. Maybe because of work or something, but I've been pretty much operating alone. Work, home, sleep, work, home, sleep. My roommate came back yesterday, before I'd cleaned the place a bit, but there's some company. He's been quiet.
And it's been a week since I met up with Sarah. I miss her.