So, remember when my iPod crapped out on me and I got a new one?

Well, I fixed it.

The internet is a fantastic resource and after poking around a little, I discovered two things. First, unplugging all the internal wires connected to the battery will reset some things, and make it better. Second, sliding a folded up business card inbetween the casing and harddrive will put pressure on the drive and make problems go away. So, I did both of those things, after figuring out how to take the damn thing apart (it's a real pain), and after about half an hour of loading music back on and reformatting the drive, it works. Just like new, I guess. The warrenty's void now anyway, and I didn't manage to destroy the thing, which is good, as I've got plans for it...
I've grown attached to my smaller nano, having gotten over the fear of breaking it. I just wish that I knew about these fixes earlier, like when I first got this thing.
Odd thing is, that my older version seems really huge now. I remember first getting it and thinking that it was tiny. The nano is tiny. The other one is huge. Weird.