2007 Movies that I Want to See (And Why)

This year's been a pretty slow start for films. Over on the TFN boards, I wrote up a list of every movie coming out this year, according to the Internet Movie Database, based on date, which is pretty long. There are some really good things coming out this year, and this is what I'm planning on making it out to the theaters to see:

March 2nd
Zodiac - Movie based on the infamous Zodiac killer out in California. I remember seeing a really cool history channel feature on this, and from the looks of the trailer, it's a pretty solid looking movie with a good cast, and it looks like they got a lot of the details right. I'll probably end up catching this on DVD. Trailer

March 9th
300 - One of my favorite classes from High School was 3Ds, or 3 Democracies, about Greek history. One of the big topics that we covered were some of the battles, and we talked about the Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans held off an army of thousands, and preserving the institution of democracy, according to historians. Now, imagine the battle, but from the comic book perspective of Frank Miller of Sin City fame. I'm definently seeing this. It looks absolutely fantastic in a gory/comic book/ over the top fashion. Trailer

April 6th
Grindhouse - Tarantino is known for his off-beat movies, and this one's likely to be the same over the top pulpness that's always fun to watch. This'll come in the form of two films, one by Tarantino and Rodriguez, who was also responsible for Sin City as well. This one's got zombies from outerspace, a death proof car, girl with prostethic leg in the form of an M-16 and something that'll fall entirely into a 'B' movie catagory. Question is, will it really be a B movie if it does well at the box office? Trailer

April 13th
Hot Fuzz (Limited) - As the trailer proclaims: FROM THE GUYS WHO WATCHED EVERY ACTION MOVIE EVER MADE, AND THEN MADE SHAUN OF THE DEAD. That's all the reasons right there. Shaun of the Dead was a brilliant spoof on zombie films, and from the looks of this, this'll be the same sort of thing with Cop Movies. Throw in a couple of references to Shaun of the Dead, and general humor that characterised SotD, and we're off to another brilliant movie. Whenever this hits theaters over here, I'll be there. Trailer

April 20th
The Kingdom - This looks to be about the same caliber as Kiefer Sutherland's last movie, The Sentinel. It's got a decent cast, with Jennifer Gardner, Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman and Christopher Cooper, all part of an FBI team to investigate the bombing of a US embassy in Saudi Arabia. Looks to have an interesting plot, some action and generally, a mindless, but fun movie. Trailer

May 4th
Spider-Man 3 - I'm not sure that I really need to explain why this is a must-see. Spiderman 1 was fun, Spiderman 2 was a leap above, and this one's looking to be even better, provided it can get out from underneath the huge weight of the 3 or 4 main villians in it, this one's looking to be absolutely stunning from the trailers that've been released thus far. Spiderman is my favorite comic book character anyway, and this franchise remains the best of the comic book movies. I have little doubt that this'll just continue that. Trailer

May 25th
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - Okay, the first one was a lot of fun, and the second one was a good example of couple writers who could actually pay attention to the original and tie it in, and that worked nicely. Unfortunently, Dead Man's Chest wasn't as good as the original, and while it wasn't bad, this is still going to be a fun movie. Plus, Kieth Richards is Jack's dad.

June 8th
Ocean's 13 - First one was fun, the second one wasn't nearly as good, and they're back for #3. I'm a sucker for heist movies, and by all looks of it, this one will be returning to it's roots by pulling a heist in Las Vegas, and they've added Al Pacino to the cast, which is absolutely brilliant casting, and it looks like this'll be another fun romp with the gang. Trailer

July 27th
Stardust - I haven't read the book yet. Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers, after reading some of his shorter works, and after reading American Gods, and this is based off of one of his better known works. Thus far, it's got a really good cast, and while there isn't a trailer yet, I've heard some great things about the book (Which I am intending to read soon). Plus, it's being directed by Matthew Vaughn, who did the brilliant Layer Cake. This'll be a good one.

August 3rd
The Bourne Ultimatum - When it comes to spy movies, Bourne is my favorite. He's effective, and completely down to earth, with some of the best action scenes and car chases and camera work that I've seen in an action movie. A lot of people complained about the shakey camera in Supremacy, but I think that it works brilliantly. I can't wait to see this third one after Identity and Supremacy were amazing.

August 17th
Fanboys - I was annoyed that this was delayed until August, because this is a real geek movie. It's got storm troopers and a road trip to steal a copy of Episode 1 from Skywalker Ranch. Plus, it's got stabs at Star Trek fans, and William Shatner makes a cameo that had me splitting my sides. This'll be a must see. Trailer

December 7th
His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass - First there was Lord of the Rings, then Harry Potter, and now another big fantasty book series is being adapted. It's also one of my very favorite books of all time. I've even met Philip Pullman and visited Oxford, so I'm looking forwards that aspect. The series is one of the best fantasty trilogies out there, much better than the Harry Potter books. Good cast, good director and what looks like good production values. I can't wait to see some aspects of the film, like the armored Polar Bears, Lyra, Oxford, and a bunch of other things. Hopefully this'll do well in the box office so that we'll see the Subtle Knife and Amber Spyglass.

December 15th
Sunshine - This was another one that I'm a little annoyed that they pushed back to December. This looks like a good SciFi film, a solid trip into space, by the same guy who did
Trainspotting and 28 Days Later. While the plot looks like something similar to a disaster film, but given his prior movies, this'll be a good one. Trailer