More London Happenings

So, I'm still in London, visiting various places and things like that. I spent Thursday recovering from Normandy (my knees were really starting to hurt - I need insoles for my shoes, I think). Yesterday, I went to the British Museum and National Gallery, which was cool, as always - those museums never get old. Although I was a little annoyed - the National Gallery had several sections closed until June, and of course, they're the ones with the artists that I like the most. Oh well.
Went out on Saturday night with Sara and Rob to a pub and then to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which was fun, but like Dead Man's Chest, didn't quite get to the level of the first movie, although it was better than the second one. I'd give it a C+. I don't know if I'll type up a proper review, but it was fun to watch, although probably 40 minutes too long. I also finally caught up on Heroes and watched the last episode, which was amazing. SPOILERS - High body count, with Linderman, Ted and D.L. killed off, which I didn't quite see coming. Nathan choosing to be a good guy was also a great point, as was his carrying Peter up into the sky. Sylar's death was pretty well done, although I would have liked to see another hero or two take him on. And the ending - OH GOD HIRO IN THE VERY FAR PAST. That kicked ass, and I cannot wait to see the second series.
Went to the Imperial War Museum today, which I liked more this time around. Maybe because I'm in a bit of a military history mindset or something, but it was more interesting this time. There was a fantastic exhibit on the Falklands War, as we're currently in the 25th anniversary of it. I didn't know a thing about the conflict, and now I'm dying to get a couple of books on the subject. Max Hastings, who wrote the brilliant Overlord: D-Day and the Battle for Normandy, also has a book out called The Battle for the Falklands, which he was a correspondent for. I really want to get that, and Amazon's listing it used for $1.90 or so, plus shipping. I might get that when I return, because from what I saw today, it's truly a fascinating battle. The D-Day exhibit was also very cool, and the one on the Holocaust was disturbing. But it was a cool visit. I'm going to try and find the Burlington House, the home to Geological Society of London, and contains the first geologic map, drawn up by William Smith one of the biggest contributors to the field of Geology.
The weather's been typical London/English - Wet. Plus, the wind completely destroyed the umbrella that I found and fixed, and I mean really destroyed it. And carried it off as well. I haven't been taking a whole lot of pictures because it's been overcast, and as a result, crappy lighting.
And, because it's 12:36, I'm off to bed.